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UV Sensor And Amplifiers

We offer a comprehensive range of UV Sensor and Amplifiers, which are used in various industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical etc. Offered in standard as well as customized specifications, these systems detect UV radiations emitted by the naked flames by gas, coal and oil fired burners.

UV Sensor UV Sensor
UV Sensor UV oil Sensor

UV Amplifiers UV Sensor
UV Amplifier UV Flame sensor

UV Sensor for Gas Flames UV Flame Sensor Airjacket
UV Sensor for Gas Flames UV Flame Sensor Airjacket

We use very sensitive electronic UV tube to design UV Flame Sensors and the UV tube is used are specially tuned to detect UV radiations emitted by naked flame. The sensor manufactured is very sensitive to normal light and refractory glow in the furnace walls. UV Sensor manufactured by Linear Systems is ideal for detecting different types of flame, such as flames generated from Gas, Coal or Oil fired burners in Boiler & Furnaces.

We offer UV Sensor - Model UV - 01 -AJ, UV Flame Amplifier / Relay - Model UV - FR – 01 and Model UV - FR – 21.

UV Sensor ( Model UV - 01 -AJ ) : Specially designed for harsh industrial environment this model of UV Sensor provides good viewing of the flame and is also easy to maintain. The sensor is enclosed in a metal jacket ensuring mechanical protection.

UV Flame Amplifier / Relay (Model UV - FR - 01 ) : The amplifier is used in conjunction with UV Flame Sensor and assists in detection of gas, oil, coal and other types of flames. The Amplifier is a stand alone unit with Two Potential Free relay contact outputs. The outputs are rated at 230 V AC, 5 Amps. The front panel of the amplifier indicates SUPPLY ON and with turn 'on' as soon as the supply is given.

Model UV - FR – 21 : This models has adjustable time delay of 2 - 8 seconds thus being useful for installations with high flicker situation. The amplifier we offer is designed to work with our UV Sensor UV – 01 and also suits UV Sensors of various other makes. The prime thing to note for compatibility is that the UV Sensors of other make is rated 230 V AC rms.

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