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Flame Rod Amplifier

We manufacture a comprehensive range of flame amplifiers, which are widely used in various industrial processes. Best suited for gas fired burners, we offer flame rod amplifiers in standard and customized specifications.

Flame Rod Amplifier
Flame Rod Sensor

Flame rod sensor we offer is accurate in sensing flame in Gas fired burners using flame detection & rectification technique. The Amplifier fitted provides a voltage for Flame Electrode and the flame electrode is immersed in flame to be sensed. Thus the current is generated by the flow of electrons is detected by the controller for presence of flame. The sensor senses the burning flame and is insensitive to visible light and refractory glows.

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We offer our clients a wide range of flame amplifiers, which are suitable for oil fired burners. For any specific requirements, we also offer custom designed flame amplifiers. Our flame amplifiers are suitable for various processes across industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals etc.

Flame Amplifier
Flame Amplifier

This flame detector is sensitive to visible light and uses CDS ( cadmium Sulphate) photo resistor as the sensing device for light. Suitable for sensing flame in oil fired burner, the sensor's amplifier has two potential free relay contacts that are rated at 230 V AC, 5 Amps.

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