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Burner Sequence Controllers

We offer wide range of burner sequence controllers, sequence controller, burner controller, furnace controller, burner control system, gas fired burners, oil fired burners, burner series controllers, programmable sequence controllers, programmable burner controllers.

Industrial Sequence Controller

We offer 100 / 200 / 300 series controllers, burner programmer, burner controller, sequence controller, programmable sequence controllers, which are preprogrammed to ensure the automatic working of gas/oil burners. They assist in managing safe start up of the burner and continuously monitor of the flame. These systems provide output for blower, ignition, solenoid valves etc. with prefixed timings for continuous flame supervision.

Burner Sequence ControllersBurner Control System
100 / 200 / 300 Series Controllers

For Oil fired Burners/ Boilers Gas Fired Burners / Furnaces with UV flame sensing.

Without Pilot flame proving - With Pilot Flame, Damper, Blower and Ignition terminals - For Gas fired Burner / Furnaces with Flame Rod sensing -

Burner Series Controller

We design and manufacture burner controllers, burner series controller, furnace controller, in standard as well as customized specifications. These Furnace controller provide automatic control of all types of burners, boiler sequence controller. Available in different technical specifications, our burner controllers are effectively used for gas and oil burners.
Burner Controller
Burner Series Controllers

The 700 burner series controllers are housed in an ABS plastic enclosure and has 70mm x 110mm x 105mm (L*B*H) as overall size The enclosure has a base and plug in controller module for easy replacement at sites.

Models For Oil Fired Burners Models For Gas Fired Burners

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